Month: December 2016

  • Seven Stones Speaking Rock Cabernet Franc, 2013

    Another “Big BC Red” hauled out for the season.  Think of an air-horn, the kaboom in a Road Runner explosion, a thud and thump of Cabernet Franc so ridiculously assertive it nearly deafens.  Far from our favorite amongst Seven Stones many fine reds, this is still wonderful, if unsettling.  Of a different vintage John Schreiner […]

  • McPherson Chapter Three Shiraz, 2012

    According to Gismondi, wine drinkers shun Shiraz.  I guess wine drinkers don’t eat pizza.  Because, I must say, Shiraz and pizza are as good as Barbaresco and pizza: Heavenly.   The Chapter Three comes on strong with some serious pepper kick, but it mellows on the palate with a round, juicy, berry mix of cherry […]

  • Laughing Stock Vineyards Portfolio +04/10, 2013

    First off, God how I hate Laughing Stock labels.  They suck.  They are infantile, cryptic, ridiculously over-designed, and stupidly difficult to decipher.  They are not like the simple, straightforward title to this blog post.  No.  In the wine store the label would read LFNG 2013 +04/10 with various degrees of various types in tiny font […]

  • Two White Riojas: Acustic Celler Montsant & Altos Rioja Blanco

    Acustic Celler Montsant, 2013 You could cut this with a knife; a thick and meaty white, minerally to the point of an old oil can, spirited citrus and nuanced wood that is more mushroom and moss than wood shavings.  We found the juicy, stony assertiveness of this very masculine white something to write home about.  […]

  • Kuhlmann-Platz Gewurtztraminer, 2015

    I’m of the mind that Alsace rarely takes a wrong turn.  The wines are abundant and diverse in France while a little thin on the ground in BC.  Plus, they tend to be at a price point that is disadvantageous to the everyday drinker.   So, on this bottle, it scores for being a decent […]

  • Seasonal Sparklers: Kim Crawford Fizz, 2011 & Jansz Premium Cuvée

    It’s amazing what shows up under the tree this time of year.  Even a bottle of (the eloquent, nutty, dry, oozingly charming) Veuve.  But for those of us who have more realistic wine budgets, I’m always on the lookout for something a little bit, how shall I put it, pocket-book friendly.   We pitted Natalie […]

  • Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012

    A hedonistic and rather weighty California Cab Sauv, without the balance or depth of the old world heavy hitters, and frankly not my personal bent when I look for a good red.  Better than Coppola, to my mind, though.  Regardless of my taste, is it good?  Plum, pepper, maraschino, an earthy funk emanates from the […]

  • Ring Bolt Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013

    If you’ve never had a Cab Sauv from Western Australia, I bet you could fool your pseudo vino friends by telling them it’s a California Pinot on a blind test.  There is something light, ethereal, charmingly fruity, and without the “impressiveness” of, say, Caymus.  I’ve only drunk a doz or so, but I find they […]

  • Culmina Unicus, Gruner Vetliner, 2015

    In the spirit of yesterday’s review, let’s disseminate the professional tasting notes. Here’s what Lawrason wrote (who, when he was at the Globe, was my favorite Canuck reviewer):   “Austria’s Gruner Veltliner is rare in Canada but you can bet others will be planting following the critical success of Unicus. This pours deeply lemon. The […]

  • Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera, 2014

    Barbera.  Ba, ba, boring.   We spent over a week drinking what I thought would be novel and interesting wines, including a highly praised Muscadet (dry verging on sour), a pricey bottle of bubbly (too much gloss and not enough expertise), and (with expectations very low) a mid-week Barbera.  This blog isn’t about complaining, it’s […]