Culmina Unicus, Gruner Vetliner, 2015


In the spirit of yesterday’s review, let’s disseminate the professional tasting notes. Here’s what Lawrason wrote (who, when he was at the Globe, was my favorite Canuck reviewer):


“Austria’s Gruner Veltliner is rare in Canada but you can bet others will be planting following the critical success of Unicus. This pours deeply lemon. The nose is very intense and exotic with ripe apricot, starfruit, honey and pepper. It’s quite full bodied, bright and almost aggressive with some oily and waxy character. It’s medium full bodied, firm and drier than first appearances. The length is excellent to outstanding.”


Yes.  Wow.  Yes, yes, yes.  Everything.  And the kitchen sink.  The most palatable decently priced satisfying and engaging BC white we’ve had in a long, long time.  And just look at that golden hue in the glass.  Nectar from the gods.


Gismondi gave it a measly 89 points.  He is a hard nut.


Price: $27 from the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: Season’s Greetings.


6 responses to “Culmina Unicus, Gruner Vetliner, 2015”

  1. Haha. Yes, Tony is a hard nut. I often think that when I see his ratings for killer BC reds. But, like Leonard Maltin, you learn to interpret his ratings and what the number would mean to you. For Gismondi I add a couple of points and for Schreiner I deduct a couple. 🙂 Both great wine guys who I am grateful for. You too! Merry Christmas and may you receive some beauties!

    • I definitely agree with you regarding adding and subtracting points. Although Gismondi has a special affinity for the Rhone and any Rhone red tends to skew (I think) a little too high regardless. He never stops going on about Famille Perrin, e.g. Over the years I’ve tended to appreciate Lawrason more, he’s a true pragmatist. Although I rarely align with Natalie MacLean, I do like her enthusiasm, a lot, and very few of the “top tier” reviewers actually get excited about wine the way she does.

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