Ring Bolt Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013


If you’ve never had a Cab Sauv from Western Australia, I bet you could fool your pseudo vino friends by telling them it’s a California Pinot on a blind test.  There is something light, ethereal, charmingly fruity, and without the “impressiveness” of, say, Caymus.  I’ve only drunk a doz or so, but I find they are great to sip and fun to consider, in a back to back, with something more austere.


This lovely bottle is lively, acidic, brimming with a cherry soda top note and with a light but lingering berry finish.  It sips better than expected but held up quite well to turkey meatballs. Screw top to boot.


Price: $25 before tax at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.


Market Liquidity: The warmth and pleasure of a swim in the Indian Ocean at a beach in Perth. In a bottle.


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