Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012


A hedonistic and rather weighty California Cab Sauv, without the balance or depth of the old world heavy hitters, and frankly not my personal bent when I look for a good red.  Better than Coppola, to my mind, though.  Regardless of my taste, is it good?  Plum, pepper, maraschino, an earthy funk emanates from the oak, incredibly good, appealing and warming and toxic.  On the flip side, it’s 14.5% and while superb with red meat was patently “sippingly un-friendly.”


Probably one of the best CA Cab Sauvs BC Liquor has in its regular stock (although not easy to source).


Price: All in with taxes $30.  Not too shabby.


Market Liquidity: It stands side by side with BC reds going for double the price.



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