Casa di Malia Prosecco


Prosecco with a cork.  In other words lightly effervescent; nominally effervescent.  This certainly isn’t the “fizz” from Kim Crawford.  Organic, so kudos.  Nice label.  Utilitarian bottle with a stopper (you can rinse it and make a vinegar later).  You see where I’m going.  There’s not much to praise once you start to drink.  Using the gratis stopper we corked it and I poured a small glass the next day; still, and I mean flat, still it was peachy in a candy floss way, not terribly interesting (without orange juice or Campari or something…).  There is such a huge market for Prosecco and it’s all over the map and (in my humble view) in the majority at the less than palatable level but at least, at least it’s usually festive, as in fizzy.


Price: A very reasonable $20.


Market Liquidity: Hostess gift.

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