Seven Stones Row 128 Merlot, 2012

There she is, empty, en route to recycling...

There she is, empty, en route to recycling…


“My heart grew tipsy in me…my sweet embraceable you.”


Lord what a lovely Merlot.  This gorgeous red curls up on your tongue, lights a fire, and settles in for the night.  It has more seasoning and crispness than your regular run of the mill glossy Merlot, less cloying perfume but no less complexity or flavour.


Cherry cola, dried fruits a la light fruitcake, a toxically appealing nose, a sharp clove slash cinnamon finish.  Good as a sipper, great with dinner.  Wow.


Price: $30 at the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: To quote more contemporary lyrics, “another day of sunshine.”

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