Domaine Zind Humbrecht Pinot Blanc, 2012

Fondue Party!
Fondue Party!

Bought a bottle for a fondue party but it was trumped by Champagne. How insulting! Still, unless you’re royalty, the Champagne runs out. So after dinner we drank the Pinot Blanc.


I was immediately hypnotized by the depth and layers of flavour, the fruit (it had high notes of pear and apple and low notes of quince) and stone and light vivacity of it. But after a few bottles of Champagne, was that just the Piper, Mumm and Moet talking?


We opened a second bottle a few nights later to accompany fish pie. And here the wine was exceptionally complementary but I must admit a little less multi-dimensional. It had much stronger notes of flint and hints of pear and less of the layered intricacies we thought were so prominent the first time, with a strong acidic flourish. It’s rated at the liquor store as a “00” but we found the residual sugar a little higher. Still, if you can score something from Alsace, you score something from Alsace, and this is a delectable incredibly food friendly white at a decent alcohol volume. Too bad you don’t see it on local wine lists.


Price: $27.99 at BC Liquor. Last time I checked it was available, province wide, in five locations. That is the proverbial Donald Trump sad.


Market Liquidity: Hard to resist.


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