Blue Mountain Reserve Brut, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day



An explosion of flavour.  This is to the base BM fizz (aka Gold Label) what the hydrogen bomb is to the atom bomb.


Hearty and full, there is nothing ethereal.  Probably the most assertive BC sparkler I’ve ever tasted.  It could be food.  A wonderful Pinot/Chardonnay blend.


Gentle effervescence, pronounced tart apple, Asian pear, almond skin, and an acidic piquancy like lemon meringue pie.  Scrumptious.


Price: Just over $30 as part of a three bottle vintage sampler from the vineyard which was, all in, including shipping and tax, $100, but you can source it at around $42 in private shops..


Market Liquidity: The soul of the south Okanagan.

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