Tiraspol Merlot Red Dry, 2009

Nothing much to review as we’ve mainly been drinking dupes of what’s in the house, most notably the last bottle of the SUPERB 2010 Burrowing Owl Merlot.

Wine from Moldova.  Moldovan wine.  Yes I had to look it up.  Been to Turkey (it’s more or less due north), been to Ukraine (it’s right next door), still wasn’t sure until I looked it up.  Just an inch touches the Baltic.  And, let me say at the start, this was a wild card.  I expected the absolute worst.  But you know what?  A surprise was in order.


Pretty smooth and luscious, although crisper than your average Merlot, with a tad more bite, but opened up beautifully, and halfway through had lovely notes of violet and ripe stone fruit.  This is the sort of wine you need to serve blind and see who can guess what it is and where it’s from.  At eight years old it’s drinking wonderfully.  It’s no “90 pointer” but try finding a palatable 2009 on the liquor store shelves at this price…


Price: A modest and more than respectable $20 at Marquis.


Market Liquidity: There’s a first time for everything.

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