Hewitson Miss Harry, 2013

Me lovey.  This starts out without much fanfare, but by the fourth or fifth sip, with a little air, it really starts to pop.  All of a sudden it goes from generic Oz blend to a veritable pantry bursting with fruit, a smoky cedar nuance and a jolt of cracked pepper.  Truly lovely and without the weight or mire of a 14%-er.  Grenache, Mourvedre, Shiraz…, but I think to the average Joe it’s like a Grenache “plus” if you will.


Price: A stunningly affordable $23 all in (in Ontario, alas, not BC.  Thank you Premier Christy Clark for ensuring, facilitating and securing Vancouver as one of the most expensive cities to buy real estate in, to rent in if God forbid you can even find a rental, to eat out in a restaurant where the trade gets no discount on alcohol, to buy gas—40 cents higher than Toronto!, to buy wine, beer or liquor, and of course to get health care, if after the premiums you can even find a GP.)


Market Liquidity: All polish, no spit.

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