Soumah Single Vineyard Yarra Valley Chardonnay, 2015

To call this a disappointment is like saying everything went smoothly at the Oscars.  This is abrasive to the point of being crude.  Any more wood and you could whittle it.


Gismondi loved it; called it tight, driven and focused, and slapped it with 92 points.  I can’t believe we drank the same bottle.  We found it assertively oaken in the most unpleasant fashion imaginable, it tasted almost faux not aged, and the lemon, pith, butter and what seemed like coarse burnt sage, did not have the balance or focus we anticipated.  Think shavings in the woodshop blended with the acid of witch hazel, bottled at $32 before tax.  Yikes.  This ain’t no Margaret River Swaby.


Price: Marked down $4 to $28 before tax and even then it just seemed profligate.


Market Liquidity: Oak dust anyone?


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