Puy Redon Chardonnay, 2013

Wow.  Wow, wow, wow.


Is it Olivier LeFlaive?  No.  No, it’s not Hospice de Beaune.  It’s from Bergerac, a region you might be hard pressed to locate on a map.  You’ll want to visit after half a bottle.  What balance.  What sensational balance.  Honestly, this was just a wine of exceptional craftsmanship, it didn’t veer towards the barrel or overpower with acidity or accidentally find itself in a corner knee deep in butterscotch.  It was honed or finessed or managed to a brutal simplicity, toasty nuts, wild honey, tropical blossoms.  Just a treat.  An absolute treat.  One of the reasons we drink so much different wine is to discover something like this.  Did I say wow?


Price: Gifted.  Couldn’t source a local provider but it retails in other provinces near the $50 mark and that would be the 2015.


Market Liquidity: Nadia Comenici in a bottle.

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