Sea Star Pinot Gris, 2016

Flat out the most interesting white of the spring.  And with our crap weather, this was spring refined.  Hard to find, hard to figure out in fact, the strange intent of this wine which wavers between something German and something Australian.  A gorgeous sipper, with on the one hand a heaviness and on the other something ethereal, which does not infer balance.  It’s cryptic.  Light, lemon blossoms with heavy, guava undertones; like that, with umpteen more fruit and floral metaphors.  I just couldn’t get over it; simple yet perplexing.  Loved every drop although it kind of (unexpectedly) fell flat with a basic mac and cheese dinner.  If you can source it, source it.


Price: Lost the receipt but less than $25.


Market Liquidity: We went through a Sea Star tear not too long ago, here and here and here and here, but this would top our list.  So far.

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