Month: August 2017

  • Errazuriz Aconcagua Alto Carmenere, 2014

    Sweet.  In all its meaning: As in good wine, as in good price, as in a tad too much residual sugar.  Now of course this is a dry wine with low residual sugar and it’s purely perception and barreling that throws the harmony of it all, but it does sit on the tongue with a […]

  • Haywire Waters and Banks Sauvignon Blanc, 2014

    Like a Jamaican steel drum band; it really is that assertive. Without any of the dry hay or dewy green of New Zealand classics, and zero oak.  A really appealing floral nose belies a spicy, acidic and invigorating flourish on the palate.  Tangy, zesty, piquant finish.   Although there’s no oak, the malolactic fermentation gives […]

  • Raats Original Chenin Blanc, 2014

    Depending on whom you rely on for points accountability, this is anywhere between an 88 and 92 pointer, with the Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator at opposite ends of the spectrum and Tanzer in between.  Which underscores more about how people think of Chenin Blanc than perhaps the subjective nature of wine scores.   It […]

  • Cassini Cellars Chardonnay Reserve, 2013

    Heavy and hefty and archetypally Californian if indeed a good BC Chardonnay is supposed to mimic those further south.  A bit too crash and burn for us, with as much subtlety as a misspelled tweet from the current POTUS.  Oak and apple, vanilla and crab-apple, and oak.  Did I mention the oak?   On the […]

  • Terra Vista Figaro, 2012

    We’ve never bought the Figaro based solely on the label, which to date has been a bit too playful in a Roberto Benigni jumping up and down at the Oscars way.  The 2015 is on the shelves (with a more sober, less antic label design than the one pictured here) and good reviews from Gismondi.  […]

  • Foradori Teroldego, 2013

    First time ever we’ve blogged about a Teroldego.  Probably have had some in one of our many trips to Italy but don’t recall.   Overripe plum (in a juicy, appetizing sense), un-hulled strawberries (in a not so perfect balance sense), a smoky medicinal top note (in an interesting and provocative sense) and a striking acidity […]

  • Sea Star Ortega, 2016

    Yesterday we blogged about an overpriced red.  Today we’re posting about a reasonably priced white.  Ah Sea Star.  Ooh la la.  We have blogged pretty much the entire vineyard and gone ga ga over most of the bottles but now it’s time to part: Sea Star has become too popular.  You simply can’t get a […]

  • Haywire Canyonview Pinot Noir, 2013

    We started off the mid-summer August long weekend with our last bottle of this spectacular Pouilly-Fuisse.  Then we turned to a local red, which I initially found egotistical and with an inflated sense of self (i.e., too much praise in the wine press) but have developed a particular fondness for.  Still, it hit the local […]

  • NV Poema Cava Brut

    So this is the sort of wine we don’t bother blogging about, which is why the blog goes dead a lot of the time; we’re non-plussed or looting the cellar for gems already posted.  The Poema is in fact the proverbial 86 pointer for the pointsters.  The fizz is moderate, the dry is sere, the […]