Cassini Cellars Chardonnay Reserve, 2013

Heavy and hefty and archetypally Californian if indeed a good BC Chardonnay is supposed to mimic those further south.  A bit too crash and burn for us, with as much subtlety as a misspelled tweet from the current POTUS.  Oak and apple, vanilla and crab-apple, and oak.  Did I mention the oak?


On the one hand it is spectacularly good, if you’re looking for one specific type of Chardonnay, and it speaks to how very far BC mainstream varietals have come.  On the other hand, there are no surprises or even nuances of terroir that speak of BC the way, e.g., the Culmina GV does.  Probably very pleasing to most of the people most of the time.


Price: This is apparently a winery direct bottle but we picked it up on Salt Spring island for $33, $4 over the winery price, before taxes.


Market Liquidity: Short on subtlety but lots of splash.

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