Le Vieux Pin Syrah Cuvée Violette, 2015

I simply don’t have words to express how enjoyable this wine is.  And I don’t mean all the facets of the blend or the artistry which you can read about far and wide (it has been justly and muchly praised and frankly reading about LVP can be tiresome in the most academic of ways) but just the sheer enjoyment of it, the lushness and satisfaction, the goodness of it without being too wow or overpowering or having to aspire to some branding tag like “super Tuscan” or whatever, just ridiculously quaffable and deeply interesting and although pricey not nearly as dear as many BC “signature” reds.


LVP calls this wine feminine but it didn’t remind me of, say, St. Amour or Fleurie, which I think of as feminine, but, of course, it is on the “walk into a florist” side of things. Sip and see the light.


Price: $30 at a private Vancouver wine shop before taxes ( in July) but now no longer easily found.


Market Liquidity: If you can find it find it.

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