La Stella Fortissimo, 2015

This is a California red in a BC bottle.  The pros differ, they call it a super Tuscan wannabe, but I swear if you’ve drunk one top heavy Napa red you’ve drunk ten Fortissimos.  Is it good?  Assertively good.  If you don’t know wine (like we don’t know wine, if you just love wine, like we love wine) I would guess that there’s more Cab Franc and Cab Sauv then La Stella claims.  Guess.  I’m not second guessing.  The reviewers write about the Merlot and the Sangiovese but the smoothness of the former and the tannins of the latter seemed to speak more of the hearty, heavy, masculine characteristics of the two Cabs.  A great meat wine.  A great gift wine.  A great lie down wine.  A great BC red.  No holiday sipper though.


Price: A reasonable and very worth it $30 from the vineyard before taxes.


Market Liquidity: Not our knight in shining armour, but armour clad nonetheless.

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