Eileen Hardy Chardonnay, 2014

Drinking wine in Australia, the last post: The best Australian Chardonnay I’ve ever had the privilege to drink.  Much lauded; all the major wine mags/bloggers love this white.  But at the same time a long ways away from what else could be bought in this price category; mid range Burgundy and medium level California Chards and top of the line BC whites; line them all up and we’re hard pressed to see the dollar value.  But it was good, mark my words.


Very present.  By which I mean unmistakably Chardonnay, assertive, determined.  It’s like a movie script that had twelve rewrites, each to hone the previous version, but sometimes to the detriment of the end product.


It is dry, like mixed nuts in its nuttiness, oak laden with some Bosc pear skin on the palate, rough hewn if you know what I mean.  Rich.  Foie gras rich.  You will not accidentally mistake it for a thin Italian Pinot Grigio.  The majority is Tassie, but a minority South Yarra is blended in (I mean Hardy’s has a lot of grapes, why not?).  But it also speaks to the cool climate conditions of Tasmania and some of the genius bottles emerging from the state which, relatively speaking, is a wine region on the nascent side.  It shows the enormous opportunity and luscious wines you can score with a trip down south.


Price: We saw this in a few high end wine shops for between $70 and $90 AUD.  Pass.  Then I picked up some duty free for $55 AUD.  [Editorial comment: I was on my way to Hong Kong from Australia. I asked how much wine I could bring in.  They told me HKG only monitors alcohol; anything under 20% volume there is no limit.  I repeat that, anything under 20% there is no limit.  I felt like an adult.  A real, honest to god adult, living in an adult world, without a nanny state looking over my shoulder determining my every move.  Imagine.  Then a week later I came back to Canada…]


Market Liquidity: Like Olympic judging, sometimes the gold doesn’t go to the best of the lot, even if the marks are highest.

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