Garzon Reserva Tannat, 2015

A debut for Uruguay on the blog.  Go Uruguay.  And for some strange reason our first post on Tannat, although I do recall drinking it in South America.


Just good drinking.  Start to finish.  If you’re expecting a thwump of tannins you’ll be surprised; there is a California Zin smoothness and something of a fruit bomb to the enterprise.


Exceptional value.  The juicy berry thumps the oak.  There is an air of poor man’s Robert Parker about it but you can’t deny the fact that getting this much wine, this much quality, under $25, in BC, is, well, rare as a blue steak.  This was the sort of wine you used to be able to source for $20.  But here I am aging myself.  By five years.


Price: A little hard to find, but worth it, at $25.


Market Liquidity: To borrow from Foghorn Leghorn, it gets under your skin, like a tattoo.

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