Kleinood Tamboerskloof Syrah, 2016

So, you know, we are still drinking off of Christmas gift certificates, and we decided to ante up for a South African Syrah of some note.

The best South African wines seem antique, rooted in a tradition long gone in North America, Australia, South America.  This is strikingly Syrah, brazen, while at the same time unlike most of the Aussie bottles that litter the liquor stores here.  Heartily floral, the perfume pronounced and delicate, velvet tannins, just a soupcon of licorice.  I write licorice but of course one review had “tree bark” and, well, that seems a tad much.  Just a soupcon of tree bark (there, I sound more legit).

Still, despite being something of a stunner, there also seemed to be something a little bit sharp on the spice notes; think of the time you over salted meat or threw in too much nutmeg on winter vegetables and it otherwise ruined a celebratory meal.  Maybe it was the tree bark.

Staff advised us it has long cellaring potential but we wondered what direction it would go.

Price: A steep but probably, for the cellar collector worth it, $47 at Everything Wine.

Market Liquidity: At five years out we’re undecided.

Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible…
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