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March 26, 2021

Artuke Pies Negro, 2018 & Artuke Tinto, 2019

This is a case where the “better” wine was not as good as the “value” wine. (At least according to the Wine Spectator, which gave the PN 93 points and the Tinto 90.)

Let me explain: The Pies Negro is a curious bottle.  It evolved with air, it shifted from an aggressive, acid heavy fruitiness, then chilled out to a very balanced and curious red.  Start to finish it seemed a little tight, but both food friendly and a superb sipper. As Rioja goes it was less plush than some but beautifully rich.

The Tinto, on the other hand, was a fruit bomb.  Lighter on the palate by a mile, there was no mistaking this for vintage Rioja.  It was fun, lively, appealing, on the nose, on the palate.  Astonishingly good value; it shames most of the BC Okanagan. 

The Pies Negro might impress people more, and don’t get us wrong it’s a terrific red, but the Tinto would just please more people.  And that, I think, is what makes us think the value wine wins out.

The PN is a typical Rioja, Tempranillo and Grenache, the Tinto Tempranillo and Viura.

Price: Marquis offered the Pies Negro at $34.69 before tax and the Tinto at $21.65 before tax, but with a mixed half case reduced the price by 10%. So value and valuable.

Market Liquidity: Done and done between two gentlemen.

March 25, 2021

Halos de Jupiter Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 2014

We posted last year on the “mid-range” Jupiter and how much we loved it.  Although harder and harder to find.

BC Liquor recently took $12 off the Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016.  Of course it was virtually impossible to find and if you found it guess what? It was the 2014.  We’ve posted on this before (the dates on their product catalogue being wrong, the sale items that are for all intents and purposes non-existent, and other vintage chaos).

So of course with a gift certificate in hand we sourced a bottle.  That was a lot of work (signing on to find the sale items on the right date because BCL doesn’t list them on the first of the month, that would make sense, that would be customer friendly), sorting wine out from the beer and spirits, notations on what to buy, finding locations for what you want to buy, etc.)  But it was worth it.  Boy was it worth it.

A sharp clap of thunder on the nose, like cedar shavings, nuanced cherry on the palate crossed with black licorice, gorgeously warm on the finish: woodsy, spicy, notes of dark chocolate.  Any smoother and it would be glib.

Price: $60, reduced from $72, but paid with a gift certificate.

Market Liquidity: Like an investiture coronet.

March 25, 2021

Villa Teresa Prosecco

92 points for Prosecco.  What’s the comparison? Andre’s Baby Duck?

In regard to flavour, this was fine; the melon and lemon, the lilt of a spring bouquet.  But flat as all get out.  We literally counted one bubble, one solitary bubble.  Look at the flute, freshly poured, could be Pinot Gris. A light, low alcohol aperitif, a splendid patio sipper, but short on many fronts.  Organic.  And, apparently, a hugely popular sparkling.  Go figure.

Price: Less than $20 and widely available at BCL.

Market Liquidity: Sort of like the toddler’s rides at Disneyland: It’s Disneyland, but it’s not, you know, Indiana Jones.