Envinate Vinos Atlanticos Migan, 2018

Listan Negro.  Say what? 

Earthy.  Like damp forest, pine needles and boggy soil, really unusual, mysterious, and although deeply engaging a tad strange.  There is a Cousin Itt about the palate finish, odd but lovable.  Unexpectedly hugely food friendly.  Some smoke on the nose with crushed currant underneath.  Pretty hard to describe, not easy to engage with, novel, but yet delectable.

I think it’s unfair to call this a Spanish red.  A Canarias wine should, arguably, be African.  As for the wax top: Is there any more profound way to disengage with the end user? To frustrate bartenders and servers? To make a fucking ludicrous mess of the kitchen?  Bits of wax showing up weeks later like NYE glitter.  That’s a sour note before the drinking even begins…

Price: Well good luck to start with but if you can actually score a bottle in Canada, let alone BC, it will set you back at least $45.

Market Liquidity: Mos Eisley on Tatooine.  It really is that odd.

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