Duca di Saragnano Nero di Troia, 2019

The neck of this bottle has a sticker (not shown in the pic) that it scored 97 points.  97 points!  On a scale of what? 113?  Then yes darling, this is up there.  Up there in the points.

As for the wine.  What is the wine?  Red.  It’s red.  It’s identifiably red. It’s drinkable.  I would be happy to be offered a glass at a BBQ, offered a glass at a party (for 100), offered a glass of this as opposed to Lindemans.  But 97 points?  Fruit forward, generous on the palate, smooth with a hot-peppery finish, it is in a nutshell eminently drinkable and easy on the pocketbook. This is a workhorse table wine typical of the Italian toe but gosh, points gone bananas.

We give this two thumbs up street cred.  We just don’t give it points. And having spent an extended period in Puglia in 2019, we would put this as a minor offering given the region’s options. Such is living in BC. Sigh.

Price: Mid-20s, 27 I think, didn’t save the receipt, from a private store in Saanich.

Market Liquidity: An open and honest red. Just not a knight in shining armour.

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