La Primera Rivancha Chenin Blanc, 2020

We like us our Chenin Blanc.

Like the simple Axle.

Like the not too easy to find old vines Bellingham. Which, you know, we liked before. And before.

And like the Le Parc.

Or just search Huet on the site; it’s awash with short shoves for Vouvray

So we had high hopes for this Argentinian offering that was 91 points over at Vinous.  The review noted “a lovely tension” and I’m never sure exactly what that means, having seen it so many times over the years.  When I’m tense I might bite my lip or tongue.  Or my muscles might ache.  Or I might be sitting on the edge of my seat, on the crack of my ass during the Wimbledon finals, so tense I scab up.  A lovely tension; huh. Reviews baffle me.

Despite the glowing reviews we found this unmemorable.  And not for want of trying; goodness, we have three more bottles to drink.  Very lime-citrus, earthy, and hints of the metallic French Chenin that costs so much more.  Not hugely food friendly. To dumb it down, it lacks some of the anticipated crispness you count on in CB.

Plaudits to Marquis on Davie for continuing to bring in novel wines and expand the limited BC horizons.  Discounts to boot.  But you win some, you lose some.

Price: $31 with a discount so more than reasonable for a Chenin.

Market Liquidity: It ain’t no Vouvray.  Just sayin’.

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