Undurraga Gran Reserva “Sibaris” Pinot Noir, 2020

We came across this wine at a social event then started serving it to guests.

Instead of a review, because review wise we don’t have much to say, here’s our alternative take: People love it.  We’ve served it to guests umpteen times.  It never seems to disappoint.  It’s a remarkably affordable bottle, you don’t feel guilty opening a second or third at a dinner party. We have it by the two or three just in case.

OK, I’ve never read a splashy review and don’t know its points and of course it doesn’t compare with kingpin Pinot from Oregon or Burgundy.  It’s very light, it’s smooth, it’s definitely not our go-to, it’s not our sort of wine really, but here’s the rub: It’s social.  And a drinkable bottle of inexpensive wine is, in a social setting, worth three Ridge Zinfandels.

Most people socializing over a glass of wine are not holding a grudge against the bottle.  They didn’t come to visit to judge the label or the vintage.  They want something palatable, that doesn’t overpower dinner and doesn’t assert itself so demonstrably as to take away from actually being social.  And this easy going red does the trick.  So thumbs up.  Who would of thunk it with 8% inflation?

Price: $18 at BC Liquor

Market Liquidity: Keep your friends friendly.

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