Edgebaston David Finlayson Camino Africana Chenin Blanc, 2015

Marquis had a spring cleaning sale and we picked up a bottle of this South African Chenin for a song.  Then we went back and bought four more. YOWZA.

It’s only May, but this feels like the white wine of the year.  It’s absolutely, totally, over the top sensational.  Not one bottle we’ve had this year, perpetual favorites, old reliables, new finds, nothing compares.  Of course it’s at its peak, you can’t hold onto it, it’s no Vouvray, it’s ready.  And boy is it ready.

A golden, smoky quartz in the glass, the nose is apple and pear, the palate caramel, quince and sage, it’s rambunctious, monstrously appealing, deeply complex, nuanced crossed with assertive, and 100% Chenin loveliness.

Honestly, we are shy of words to adequately describe the heights this bottle soars to.

Now, caveat emptor: The Chardonnay/Sauv Blanc crowd will not like it.  It is nothing like, zero in common with and no kin to the run-of-the-mill whites on the spigots at chain restaurants nor the bland, thin “house” whites the BC Okanagan churns out.  It’s unique, unusual, mysterious, and drop dead spectacular.  For the adventurous, highly recommended.  But hurry, this vintage will spoil.

Thank you Marquis.

Price: Marked down to $27 from $41. 

Market Liquidity: Come taste the wine, come hear the band, come blow your horn, start celebrating..

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