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  • Sandhill Single Vineyard Barbera, 2018

    We have a few reviews on this going back years here and here; it was a delight to discover and we drank umpteen bottles “back in the day” when you could pick it up at indie wine stores.  But what largely was a “POP” bottle for us fell off the radar.  Plus, try the find […]

  • GD Vajra Barbera D’Alba, 2016

    Pizza for dinner.  Home-made thin crust with Oyama chorizo.  Didn’t want a “special” wine that would shout “hey, I’m better than pizza” or something too plonk-y and brash.  Happened upon a reasonably priced bottle of Vajda (which, to be fair, hits the stratosphere in some varietals).  And wow.  What a spectacular pair.  All the heft […]

  • GD Vajra Barbera D’Alba, 2013

    What a food friendly wine.  When the red becomes soul partner to the dish, a complement to but never overshadowing, a magic happens; it’s like Frosty becoming alive.  Light but not weak.  Unusually restrained for a Barbera, or so we thought, with a delicate cigar leaf and black currant on the palate, finishing with a […]

  • Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera, 2014

    Barbera.  Ba, ba, boring.   We spent over a week drinking what I thought would be novel and interesting wines, including a highly praised Muscadet (dry verging on sour), a pricey bottle of bubbly (too much gloss and not enough expertise), and (with expectations very low) a mid-week Barbera.  This blog isn’t about complaining, it’s […]

  • Drinking Wine in Istanbul, Vienna, Prague and Madrid

    Just got back from three weeks in Europe.  We drank wine in Turkey, Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain. Istanbul: The first big surprise is that the Turks make some half decent wine.  Some half decent white wine, anyway.  The second big surprise is that the cost is insane, OTC or in a restaurant.  Plonk […]

  • Sandhill Small Lots Barbera, 2011

    We went from going ga-ga over this, see our review of the 2012 here, to being so-so on the 2009, to being pretty complacent on the 2011. Much too tannic and coarse and really not worth the price tag. A glimmer of the good old days.   Price: $30 plus taxes at Swirl (RIP).   […]

  • SANDHILL Small Lots Barbera (ba-beautiful)

    Let me get this straight: No one in Canada grows Barbera.  Except, in one tiny little corner of the Okanagan, where Sandhill, in their exquisite small lots program, churns out a miraculous red.  So this begs the question, if one tiny plot of grapes can produce such an exquisite bottle, why are winemakers across the […]