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  • Champagne Tribaut Brut

    We never got to a celebratory bottle of champers at New Year’s.  My recollection is I was asleep before midnight!  The joys of being old. On the flip side we had champagne in January.  What did Ricky Gervais say in 2012 to the NYT journalist who contacted him at home on a weekday and saw […]

  • Moutard Père et Fils Grand Cuvée Champagne

    Champagne, to generalize, is usually good.  Prosecco, in contrast, hit and miss.  Which is why, in British Columbia, Champagne is more or less $60 a bottle and Prosecco a fraction of that.  But there are always exceptions.  Witness the Moutard.   A special order and much lauded import at Everything Wine, discounted five per cent […]

  • Drinking Wine in London, A Lot of Champagne, Discovering Grillo

    A short vacation in London. And a lot of good wine. I bought a bottle of “grower’s” champagne from a local Co-Op (high street grocer) which was palatable and pleasant and came through on my credit card statement at $28 Canadian.  Not sparkling, not Prosecco, not cremant de bourgogne/loire, whatever, not methode champenoise, actual champagne.  […]

  • Drinking Wine in Istanbul, Vienna, Prague and Madrid

    Just got back from three weeks in Europe.  We drank wine in Turkey, Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain. Istanbul: The first big surprise is that the Turks make some half decent wine.  Some half decent white wine, anyway.  The second big surprise is that the cost is insane, OTC or in a restaurant.  Plonk […]

  • Holiday Bubbles: Champagne Chiquet, Serveaux Fils & Godmé Père et Fils

    Marquis in Vancouver special orders a huge selection of “villages” champagne, for lack of a better descriptor, each holiday season. Buy six get 10% off. Of course even with the discount it’s a pricey proposition. But still, how else to experience something unique and interesting and so far away from the Codorniu at BC Liquor? […]

  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne

    A split before dinner. How civilized. It’s been a few years since we popped a Roederer. I’d forgotten how much the toasty yeast balances with the fruit. There is more fruit than perhaps you expect, but the finish has a lovely caramel note that is sharp and pleasant. If only all the apple cider artisans […]

  • Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne

    Happy Chinese New Year!   I didn’t celebrate CNY but I did celebrate Valentine’s (not alone of course!) and look at my gift.  A $70 bottle of sparkling.  Oooh la la.  Came with its own cool pack. I fell head over heels for this rich, creamy Champers.  Then I went to BC Liquor and saw […]

  • Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne

    Superb with a giant shrimp Caesar salad A wine that sells in Vancouver for $256. So that’s like a new Google Chromebook.  That’s like 80% of an iPad. That’s like half of a monthly mortgage payment for a condo dweller.  That’s like, in Canada, $700 before tax income.  Just joking.  But it’s a lot.  They […]