Category: Grenache

  • Domaine de la Graveirette Vaucluse Mus C, 2013

    Our swooning review of the 2012 is here. We went a little ga-ga. Our opinion hasn’t altered: When you want a decent glass of red with pizza, with pasta in a tomato sauce, with a frittata, whenever you want a decent glass of red and don’t want to open a heavyweight because the food is […]

  • Yangarra McLaren Vale Grenache, 2014

    Below expectations: Complex and intense and concentrated. 91 points (Wine Advocate).  I think that was on the sticker with the price tag in BC Liquor where it was marked down a notch to about $32 before extras.  The word concentration is wine review speak for heavy, as in dense on the palate like cheap port, […]

  • Hewitson Miss Harry, 2013

    Me lovey.  This starts out without much fanfare, but by the fourth or fifth sip, with a little air, it really starts to pop.  All of a sudden it goes from generic Oz blend to a veritable pantry bursting with fruit, a smoky cedar nuance and a jolt of cracked pepper.  Truly lovely and without […]

  • Proyecto La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo, 2014

    Highly recommended by the wine store staff, hugely disappointing at the dinner table.  Which is too bad because, generally speaking, Spanish Grenache (Garnacha) is among the most reasonable of reds, price wise, in the province.   Fermented raspberry juice with  a tart cherry top note and a smoky finish which we found not remotely appealing.  […]

  • Two White Riojas: Acustic Celler Montsant & Altos Rioja Blanco

    Acustic Celler Montsant, 2013 You could cut this with a knife; a thick and meaty white, minerally to the point of an old oil can, spirited citrus and nuanced wood that is more mushroom and moss than wood shavings.  We found the juicy, stony assertiveness of this very masculine white something to write home about.  […]

  • Bastide Miraflors Vielles Vignes Syrah Grenache, 2013

    Robert Parker is losing his mind. How in the world can he take decades of experience and proclaim a whopping 93 points on this otherwise very drinkable 89 pointer? It’s baffling. But it sells bottles, his seal of approval.  I guess the crazier the better, for the trade.   I can’t help but feel he’s […]

  • Domaine des Gorges du Soleil Rivesaltes Rouge, 1963

    From the cellar: A somewhat spectacular bottle of Grenache in the Muscat style. Burnt chocolate, an array of dried fruit Turkish bazaar style, caramel and Australian Leatherwood honey (a most spectacular and distinct honey if you’ve never had it). But it’s not port. It’s not Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. It’s not sweet Sherry. It […]

  • Espelt Garnacha Old Vines, 2010

    The Wine Advocate gave this 92 points. Seriously! It’s good. We liked it. Hell, I bought half a case. But this is a Tuesday night wine with radicchio and pancetta risotto. It’s not a 92 point wine.   The WA talked about copious aromas of raspberry jam, black currants, kirsch, flowers and forest floor. I’m […]

  • Gigondas d’Ouréa, 2012

    Look at us, drinking Gigondas. Must have won the lottery. This is, absolutely and unequivocally a gorgeous expression of French wine making, and yet another testament to how the Rhone can waver between old school and cutting edge without a whiff of pretense. No oak. “Say whaaaaaaat?” I hear Mr. Parker say. Soft, velvet, velveteen, […]

  • Altés Herencia Garnatxa (Garnacha) 2012

    A fuel efficient two-seat compact.  91 points. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong.  Can you tell which thing is not like the other?  Anyone who grew up with Sesame Street knows it.  It stays with you for life.  Except, it seems, the wine intelligentsia.  In […]