Category: Portugal

  • Niepoort Dialogo Douro, 2011

    Kudos to BC Liquor for buying quirky, interesting and novel whites that will never be high pointers or regular standbys.  This has an aromatic light perfume, blossoms and sub-acid fruit notes, an inch of cloying-ness, a not too subtle richness, and a sweetness that doesn’t linger too long.  A quirky and quixotic blend that would […]

  • Quinta da Crasto Old Vines, Douro Reserva, 2007

    From the cellar: Like curling up in satin sheets, sinfully luxurious, over-the-top delectable.  Drive you to alcoholism good.  We needed something “hot” to follow-up the Woodward Canyon, as well as a surprisingly good La Frenz Cab Sauv, and this got dusted off for a Sunday roast dinner.  Luscious.  It has a jammy spiciness, almost like […]

  • Villa Regia Douro Reserva, 2008

    The best Portuguese wine I’ve ever had?  It’s really not saying much.  In our everyday liquor stores there’s no renaissance of Portuguese wine the way there has been with Spain and Chile.  Maybe it’s access, domain, importation issues, whatever, it just seems that decent, reasonably priced Portuguese wine is not the ordinary here.  To date […]

  • Dão Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada, 2008

    This has a Wine Spectator “Best Value” label on the bottle.  I don’t think a good sign—but we had our hopes up and there was BBQ on the table and it apparently warranted 90 points.  What can I say?  90 points?  I give it a big Seth and Amy SNL “really?”  My mother used to […]