Category: South Africa

  • Bellingham Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc, 2014

    If you’ve been to the Cape Region in South Africa (I have), if you’ve made an attempt to visit as many wineries as possible (I did), if you’ve sampled as wide a variety of wines as you could find on offer (most definitely), if you stopped by a wine shop to pick up a bottle […]

  • Boschendal Chardonnay, 2012

    It’s a Chardonnay.   Price: $27 at Legacy.   Market Liquidity: Longfellow’s sentiment of ships that pass in the night is, at least, more enduring.

  • Hamilton Russell Vineyards Chardonnay, 2010, Joubert-Tradauw Chardonnay, 2008

    From the cellar: In a back to back tasting we pulled an HRV Chard from the cellar (only two of the original six remain) versus a recent purchase of the JT, a non-filtered barrel fermented Chard. If you like South African whites, and they can be an acquired taste in their nearly primitive simplicity and […]

  • Secateurs Red Blend, 2011

    Wonderful everyday wine. Pungent, smooth, light vanilla, red berries, easy drinking. Paired with homemade pizza a charm. Their Chenin was our “favorite label” of 2013. We found it by accident at Everything Wine for under $30. For the price, I think we can do better, but online I see it’s a bargain south of the […]

  • Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc, 2012

    This is not a wine review.  I meant to post this in December 2013.  It is simply my 2013 favorite wine label.  No “Punch in the Face” wit, no hip design, an honest reference to the work involved in the field (we call them pruning shears in North America, not a very fine name for […]

  • Meerlust Chardonnay, 2010

    Sharply, assertively Chardonnay, but not aggressive.  Meerlust churns out some wonderful wines, most memorably their red Rubicon, but alas they are hard to find in BC.  For me this white is broad, generous, pear, dry earth, some subtle floral notes, bone dry, and a finish that is equal parts the proverbial dry stones with the […]

  • Springfield Estate Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc, 2011

    I discovered this wine at the vineyard, in South Africa, a few years ago.  I had died and gone to wine heaven.  It was less than the equivalent of ten Canadian dollars, we bought lots and took it to local restaurants (a Cape tradition), and it drank like a wine dream from decades past.   […]