Category: Tempranillo

  • Teso La Monja, Romanico Toro 2011

    Based on “91” point  review hoopla we bought half a case. Mistake? If I’d posted this review at bottle one it would be a bomb. Why bother? And in fact I’ve read a few blogs that found this bottle more hype than heaven.  But at bottle five we hit a sweet spot: We served it […]

  • Ribera del Duero, Creta Roble 2010

    An affront to the Canadian wine making establishment: A “posh” Spanish red, upper-echelon Spanish red, 100% Tempranillo, in a big hefty jammy wallop of smooth and ridiculously approachable vintage for under $20 a bottle.  Sick.   We particularly liked how this wine had a double-edged character: earthy, dirty, of the vine, coupled by an ethereal, […]

  • Evans and Tate Metricup Road Shiraz, 09, Vina Zaco Tempranillo 08, Bodegas Atalaya Laya, 10

    Three of the many, many reds Vancouver magazine Wine Awards judges recently gave top honours to.  All three here in the “medium red” best buy category.  My first comment is this: The best red wine under $20 available at BC Liquor, the spectacularly wonderful Hickinbotham, nowhere to be seen on the list?  Shurley shome mishtake […]

  • Eternum Viti Tinta del Toro, 2008

    From the cellar: Anthony Gismondi awarded this 90 points.  Whatever that means it was, is, a beautiful red.  I bought a bottle two years ago, and brought it out Christmas-season, as a cellar treat.  Remarkable.  Well, it is the season.  And who knew I had the cellar discipline?  Given that the previous night we drank […]

  • Ribota, 2009

    Robust.  But in an aggressive, little bit pushy fashion, and as if out of balance.  Testy Tempranillo.  Wildly, over-the-top floral nose.  It reminded us of Florient, the room freshener back in the aerosol spray heydays (in other words, floral and not in a good way).  Sharp, earthy, pungent.  And spicy (smoky Spanish paprika anyone?).   […]

  • Zuccardi Tempranillo, 2007

    We scored this at two dollars off, so keeping in mind the price point of $17.99, you really could do much, much worse.  Wasn’t sure I’d gift it with a gold medal, as a sticker on the front proclaimed, but it was tasty, a touch tannic, had wonderful finish with fine fruit and oak which […]

  • Ribera del Duero Milagrosa Milcampos Vinas Viegas 2008

    The third of three Robert Parker stars under $20 we had over a week.  91 points; the other two were 90 points.  But it underscores how ridiculous the point system is.  I am not against the point system per se, in the way Hugh Johnson has, in print, criticized its inherent irrelevance; the point system […]

  • Sabor Real Tempranillo 2006

    First, let’s address trying to source the 06 at a BC Liquor store.  Good luck.  You will probably find 08 or another vintage, even if the website states 06.  That’s the miraculous thing about our nanny-corporate-liquor overlords: They really can’t manage the most relevant database search string with any relevance to their consumer’s needs.  It’s […]