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  • L’Ecole No 41 Semillon, 2012

    From the cellar: We found the very last bottle.  We hung on as long as we could.  But then the temptation became too great. Glug.   Our first post about a L’Ecole Semillion was here, and after that we bought it in multiples, stashing them away; but as we got through several lying down we […]

  • L’Ecole No 41 Semillon, 2012

    From the cellar: Four years ago we waxed poetic about this wine.  Somewhere along the wine, er, way, a few bottles ended up in the cellar.  I pulled one out on the weekend.  Oh what magic.   When a Semillon has some time, or, rather, when a good Semillon has some time, it’s like pupa […]

  • Result of a Crush, 2011

    Forceful, forward, maybe a bit predictable.  But pure in intent.  The fruit and oak seem at loggerheads while a funky spiciness, Chinese five spice ambiance, hits the tongue on the finish.  A nice piquant bite to close.  Enormous drinkability.  In the spirit of holding Walla Walla to a very high standard, I would say great […]

  • Carmina Burana Riesling, 2014

    A barrel fermented Riesling that echoes some of the finer Oz examples; we were reminded of Western Australia’s Alkoomi. Despite the reviews, we didn’t find it too acid although it has a piquant resonance; pear aromas, a tart quince like undercurrent on the palate, a short, lemony finish. Straightforward honest delectable white wine. Leftover Chinese […]

  • Rockwell-Brown Bordeaux Blend “Red Mountain,” 2010

    Banana. That’s what came to us, on the first super fruity sip, that delicious if nearly synthetic banana ripeness. And then, on the palate, it unfolds with layers of deep fruit, nectar of the gods. Stellar.     The vineyard apparently went bankrupt, they auctioned off their assets, and we scored two precious bottles of […]

  • Substance Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013

    Unusually good—like winning nine times at Roland Garros unusually good. This is a striking example of how brilliant an inexpensive red can be. This wins over and over and over. Chillingly good, layered and textured spices, both smooth like cinnamon and funky like cardamom, earthy notes against a pleasing but not oppressive oak, aggressively grape-y, […]

  • Emplacement Walla Walla Syrah, 2012

    Americans need to stop saying Syrah.  It’s as affected as toe-mah-toe.  Still, that’s a rant for another day.  This is a full on crazy ass kick in the pants walloping of red. All the leather you’d expect in Grenache and all the spice you’d hope for in Cabernet. This is headstrong but softly romantic. It’s […]

  • Array Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, 2010

    Unctuous. Although, I know, a much under-used and mis-used word because I don’t mean oily or minerally I mean virtuous.   OK: Good. Very good. None of that grating severity common in unoaked chardonnay. Has all the warmth of a much finer, more refined white. But who am I to say this isn’t refined? It’s […]

  • Buty 2012, Columbia Valley White Blend

    Let’s put aside the silly name. And it is silly, even though Nina Buty was a real person. But it’s like an actor called Montgomery Profile or Sissy Sexy. But the wine isn’t any laughing matter: Luscious, heady, aromatic. A mix of Semillon (62%), Sauvignon (21%) and Muscadelle (you do the math). Innovative and hugely […]

  • Woodward Canyon Nelms Road Merlot, 2012

    Good Merlot. That’s about it. Good Merlot—and you know what Merlot tastes like. Ever since Sideways we’ve either become inured or in love with Merlot. The Nelm’s Rd has all the typical attributes, the soft tannins, vanilla, light oak, ripe cherry. It’s there. It’s what you expect. It’s just not in any way that interesting. […]