Category: Viognier

  • La Frenz Probyn-Eastman Viognier, 2015

    Two people drank this bottle.  The first had one glass and called it a day: Oily.  Sweet.  Sweet and dense to the point of cloying, like condensed milk for key lime pie, like treacle.  Like you’ve wandered the midway and overdosed on caramel apples, cotton candy and glazed donut holes.  Stewed fruit like an overripe […]

  • La Frenz Vivant, 2013 & La Frenz Ensemble, 2013

    La Frenz Vivant, 2013 So close.  I mean look at the label, what a gorgeous blend, it’s whet-your-wine appetite enticing.  Viognier, a touch of sweetness, Chardonnay, a touch of class, Rousanne, a touch of herbal tea.  It makes you want to buy three bottles, one of each viaretal, take an eye dropper, and experiment in […]

  • Moraine Viognier, 2012

    Gismondi gave it a good review. Hmmm.   We have a phrase on the blog for wines that miss the mark this wide of the mark: Not even for risotto.   Price: $19.00 from Mud Bay.   Market Liquidity: Not even for risotto.

  • Yalumba Y-Series Viognier, 2014

    Much trumpeted, poorly executed. A simple, innocuous, pale imitator of Viognier. And we are big proponents of obscure grapes. Just had a wonderful Cos Pithos Bianco in NYC which was gorgeous. And in a Brooklyn Michelin starred restaurant the server recommended a Californian Celadon Grenache Blanc, hands down the most food friendly and versatile white […]

  • La Frenz Naramata Bench Viognier, 2012

    In another of our “revisiting recent vintages of wines we loved” week we sampled a newer La Frenz Viognier. In our review of the 2011 Viognier we went rather ga-ga, oohing and awing at the wonder of it all. Well, hmm, yeah. I don’t think there are any apologies in order but while we also […]

  • La Frenz Viognier, 2011

    Sensational.  But let me add: Full Disclosure—I’m not on the “Viognier is all” vogue train.  It’s the be all end all for some but it’s also, often, patently dull.  Not this stunning white from La Frenz in Naramata. The La Frenz sips well, very well, and better yet was superlative with food, has exceptional generous […]

  • Le Vieux Pin Viognier-Roussanne, 2009

    The only reason I’m angry about this bottle—aside from the price—is how many respected reviews it’s received.  It’s like when you buy a quality garment from a reputable house and it splits at the seams on first wear.   LVP pretends to produce wines that are much better than they really are.  Or so I […]