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  • Ridge East Bench Zinfandel, 2012

    From the cellar: Well we loved this wine in 2014, post here, and we loved this wine in 2018, post here, and now we arrive in 2019, seven years down the road, nearing the end of our half case, and it is nothing but joy and pure, undiluted pleasure.  It seems pointless to go on […]

  • Ridge East Bench Zinfandel, 2012

    From the cellar: Who cellars Zin?  Not too many.  And as for Ridge, why even post another Ridge review?  Is there a bad bottle or two of Ridge, somewhere out in the universe?  A bad vintage?  A mistake in Monte Bello?   For no good reason we have a few of the LS lying in […]

  • Ridge East Bench Zinfandel, 2012

    Screw methadone. We have found our drug of choice. It’s not on Schedule I. It’s not on Schedule II. But it damn well could be. We haven’t found a wine this interesting, luxurious or addictive since the Woodward Canyon a year or so ago. Although I haven’t tried the BulletProof diet, where strong coffee and […]

  • Dashe Zinfandel, 2009

    Good.  If this wine was an athlete it would have potential.   We cooked up a Zinfandel pot roast (roast roasted three hours in Zinfandel, onion, celery, tomatoes, garlic, porcini mushrooms, marjoram) with some new potatoes and served a bottle of Dashe Dry Creek Zin as a go-with.  In advance of dinner it was soft, […]

  • Four Vines Maverick Zinfandel, Amador County, 2010

    When wine reviewers write that Zin is “jammy” this is pretty much what they mean.  This is a jam pot at the B&B breakfast table.  Archetypal Zin and very, very easy to drink.  Has a berry, plum and vanilla nose and on the palate ends with a modest peppery bite and a zesty alcoholic  knock.  […]

  • Marietta Sonoma County Zinfandel, 2010

    Blackberry, chocolate and a tangy peppery bite that in an odd way could be described as crisp.  Not as “gentle” or forward and approachable as umpteen Califonia Zins.   With food it drank much better than a sipper.  On one night we had it with hamburgers and it was OK, not brilliant.  We had the […]

  • Ridge California Sonoma County Three Valleys, 2008

    From the cellar: A beautiful red, a beauty of beauties.  A blend of primarily Zin rounded out with a hodgepodge of other grapes (four per cent Mataro?) which results in just shockingly good balance and scrumptious, forward fruit.  A slight piquancy keeps the cherry cola notes from overpowering and becoming cloying and sweet.  My god […]

  • Rutherford Ranch Old Vine Zinfandel, 2009

    A lovely Napa red.  Alcoholic on the nose, even with air, sharp on the tongue, but luscious fruit and burnt coffee flavours with a long and appealing cherry finish.  Smooth—not a glossy smooth Zin, but no potholes either.  It sipped better than with food we thought; with dinner it was quite peppery with a finish […]

  • Ridge California Sonoma County Three Valleys, 2009

    For Valentine’s we had some exceptional grass fed rare filet mignon with David Rocco’s baked potatoes, squash on the side, green salad and a bottle of Ridge.  Were you expecting a bad review?  Not on my watch…   Even for a nobody in the wine world I know enough that disparaging Ridge is sacrilegious.  I’ve […]

  • Teira 2005 Sonoma Zinfandel

    Scored a bottle of Teira 2005 Sonoma Zinfandel on sale at BC Liquor.  Which is to say, stumbled across the sale sign in the California wine section, saw that all the wine was sold out, then saw one last bottle on a different rack mis-shelved with another blend.  Which is also to say that you […]