Tag: Burrowing Owl

  • Burrowing Owl Merlot, 2017

    As we slowly get through the annual case from BOwl, the gentleness of the lot, so far, seems almost middle-aged in their motivation; the wines have a quietness and reserve that drink positively assured and without pretense but also, how can I put it, somewhat low energy.   We were goo goo ga ga over […]

  • Burrowing Owl Sauvignon Blanc, 2015

    Is the love affair over?   Light, lively, a citrus zest while not weighted down with green grass or herbs, and an oak note almost indiscernible.  Lax on the palate.  Hard to think of this as an accomplished wine in any sense despite many accolades but it’s certainly drinkable.  Glass half full, it makes a […]

  • Burrowing Owl Merlot, 2010

    Sideways is now a play.  Sideways, the book which became an Alexander Payne movie, which transformed wine tourism, at least in California, is now hitting the West End.  A great article with author Rex Pickett can be found here.   My biggest regret about Sideways is that while the volume of Pinot drunk in America […]

  • Burrowing Owl Cabernet Franc, 2013

    Not Burrowing Owl’s finest moment. But what a fine bottle. If you can find it. In restaurants, the Meritage features prominently in the near or plus $100 level. It sets the standard. The CF falls far below, and is less common, but so satisfying nonetheless.   The Merlot is a little slick. I can take […]