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  • Moutard Père et Fils Grand Cuvée Champagne

    Champagne, to generalize, is usually good.  Prosecco, in contrast, hit and miss.  Which is why, in British Columbia, Champagne is more or less $60 a bottle and Prosecco a fraction of that.  But there are always exceptions.  Witness the Moutard.   A special order and much lauded import at Everything Wine, discounted five per cent […]

  • Read Decanter Magazine. Just Do It.

    Decanter is the bomb.  It’s almost impossible to find in Canada (paper, you can always get digital) but what a great, inspiring magazine, a wonderful homage to people who enjoy wine, whether collectors or bottle shop regulars.   I can wax poetic on its myriad merits but I will just point out a few.  First, […]

  • I love the Wine Spectator. I’ve cancelled my subscription.

    Relationships sour.  What can I say?  First, there are so many things to love.  Most imposing is the ridiculously oversized pretension of it.  Some of the feature articles are genuinely spectacular.  The pictures are decent, the reviews OK and the organization of it all is above par. Of course you have to accept the whole […]