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May 18, 2016

Xanadu Next of Kin Margaret River Chardonnay, 2013

Too much of everything, not enough of nothing, by which I mean a wine without grace.  Assertive, acidic, oaken, crisp, forgettable.


Despite the rather generic profile, there is a light butterscotch finish that’s pleasant enough.  There, I found something redeeming.


That all sounds negative.  It is.  But more important, this wine is affordable.  This is, actually, very good value in the $20 range, comparatively.  And, comparatively, about as good as you can expect in BC.  So a) probably low on the pointster scale and b) probably an everyday joy to anyone paying 40 per cent tax on their paycheque.


Price: $21 plus tax at Liberty


Market Liquidity: Dollarama trades at nearly $90 a share; don’t sniff at cheap.

Xanadu Next of Kin Margaret River Chardonnay, 2013