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March 18, 2016

Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010

Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010I credit Swirl in White Rock for helping me discover the breadth of Quinta Ferreira wines. They, alas, have bitten the Jimmy Pattison bullet, and are no more. It was a win win for our scattered provincial premier, setting into motion an auction process of monumental shortsightedness which, single-handedly, allowed one of our wealthiest businessmen to swoop in and pick up a virtual monopoly on indie wine stores. But that’s water under the bridge (the $3.5 billion Massey Tunnel replacement bridge to be more accurate…)


Strident: The QF Merlot is nothing if not assertive. We liked it, not loved it, found it tried just a tad too hard, with firm not soft edges and nothing supple on the palate. All the regular fruit notes of any decent Merlot with a lip smacking woodsy flair but lacking the panache of the Alegria. But this is a winery we’ve come to place great store in and will be buying mixed lots by the case.


Price: $26 at Swirl (RIP).


Market Liquidity: No rod was spared.

March 16, 2016

Mt. Boucherie Family Reserve Chardonnay, 2012

Mt. Boucherie Family Reserve Chardonnay, 2012

Hard to find. To be clear, this is not the cardboard box Chardonnay you see all over the place. Who am I to knock a box of wine when I’ve never tasted it? It just seems the sort of conflict of interest that needs to be stated though (because, even if, or when, we taste the box, I’m unlikely to ever bother writing a review.) This is a very rich Chardonnay, in a bottle (!), lush and luxe to the point, for some, of being cloying, overflowing in that oak cum butterscotch cum Roger’s golden syrup texture you’d expect from any number of California premiums. But for $25 it’s a truly remarkable value in the BC wine world and nothing to sniff at, particularly for those who are fans of the barrel aged whites. I beg to differ with the vineyard that it would complement decadent foods such as pasta in an Alfredo sauce, that just seems like fire with fire. We found it had a symmetry with an uber-healthy barley asparagus arugula risotto, where the weight of the wine isn’t fighting with the food. But, ideally, a simple broiled white fish filet would pair up a dream. Sauce free.


I am torn on recommending it highly, given that it teeters towards overkill, and I can find any number of reasons why it won’t top out in the 90 point region for pointsters, but that said it will become a regular in the household. If, I’ll add again, we can find it.


Price: $25 at Swirl (RIP).  Bargoon.


Market Liquidity: For those who like this sort of thing it’s a knockout.

February 24, 2016

Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010

Quinta Ferreira Merlot, 2010A crowd pleaser. Not as complex as the reviews might indicate, or the boasts of the vineyard with all sorts of layers and flavours and aromas (on the palate, it flattens out considerably), but definitely supple and soft enough to sip through a whole bottle without noticing the “just shy of” 14% alcohol. I guess with whites everyone knows a Chardonnay and with reds everyone knows a Merlot, and this is all Merlot, so what did I expect, except I guess the same sort of thing that knocks your socks off when you have a striking New World Chardonnay from Ridge or Qupé. Cheaper and better than the oft-coveted Burrowing Owl but, as with many wines south in WA, pales in comparison to Basel Cellars.


Price: $25 at Swirl.


Market Liquidity: A good price for a good wine.

February 18, 2016

Quinta Ferreira Alagria 2010

Quinta Ferreira Alagria 2010

Good, better, best. Interesting drinking; layers and layers of interesting drinking.  Why didn’t this win the Vancouver Magazine best of rich reds? Availability. You will have to make some effort. Then you will have to consider the passion that went into the blend. Cheers Quinta Ferreira.  Forget the Wynns “best in show” Cabernet Sauvignon, this is much more provocative. A blend with depth and character, we found it hard not to swoon when the label says Okanagan. Really? And get this: For just a few dollars more than the Wynns the bottle is three years older. Gismondi found the 2009 “oxidized” and basically crucified the vintage with a stunningly token score of 84 points. Maybe the 09 was trash, but I’ll tell you the 2010 is opiod addictive.


Price: $30 at Swirl in White Rock.


Market Liquidity: Buck the trend. Go local, in a big way.