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December 23, 2016

Seasonal Sparklers: Kim Crawford Fizz, 2011 & Jansz Premium Cuvée


It’s amazing what shows up under the tree this time of year.  Even a bottle of (the eloquent, nutty, dry, oozingly charming) Veuve.  But for those of us who have more realistic wine budgets, I’m always on the lookout for something a little bit, how shall I put it, pocket-book friendly.


We pitted Natalie MacLean’s pick, the boisterous, fruity, and ridiculously effervescent Kim Craword against the dryer, simpler and maybe more satisfying Tasmanian Jansz.  The sparkling Pinot we discovered in the summer trumps both of these, but at the price point I could recommend either as a cocktail mixer or, on their own, I’d prefer the Jansz, with its aromas of berries, a hint of hazelnut and a long lemony finish.  And boy would I like Marquis or Liberty or even BC Liquor to ship in some of their late disgorged or myriad other sparklers, not just the base model.


The Kim Crawford is actually a vintage fizz and we had higher expectations.  It was more on the “fun” side than the serious side, but which is sillier, KC calling their bubble Fizz or Jansz saying they make Méthode Tasmenoise?


Price: Jansz is $28 before the extras, Kim Crawford, $30 before all the rest.


Market Liquidity: Brilliant.  Both.  (There are no bad reviews of sparkling allowed in the holiday season.)


September 16, 2016

Avancé Pinot Noir, 2013


Tasmania rocks.  Not your soft-spoken Okanagan Pinot.  No masquerade trying to fake Burgundy.  A luxurious, athletic, full-bodied Pinot, boasting licorice, cherry, menthol, with a finish that is smooth to sleek, if a tad alcoholic three years in.  Pure pleasure.  Hic.


Price: $23.60 USD in Seattle and impossible to source in BC.  (Go to BC Liquor and search “Tasmania” and get ready to view, wait for it, all five wines.  Sad.)


Market Liquidity: No faux.

July 22, 2016

Abel’s Tempest Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling, 2011

Wow.  This isn’t Prosecco.  This so isn’t Prosecco.  And what a relief, from the generic fizz that permeates every social event year round.  Neither it is the Jansz, the just OK Jansz, readily available in BC.  This is really stupendous, so much depth, there’s plenty of berry fruit but it’s dry, not heavy, there is a finish that goes on for antiquity, and by god is it easy to drink.  The price point is high, but frankly it’s better value than the $15 more for the cheapest Champagne and more than twice as good as many “premium” sparklers $10 less.  I’m not going to belabor how much we liked this and how fast it disappeared or even tell you where we found it because it’s hard to find, but you just have to try it.  It’s a stunner.

Abel’s Tempest Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling, 2011

Price: A rather steep $35 before taxes at a YVR independent.


Market Liquidity: I believe it was Byron who wrote “Man, being reasonable, must get drunk.”